Being a missionary in our own neighborhood

There are many ways that our members can support missions. Examples include preparing packages for newborns, reaching out to international students, providing meals for the homeless, and prayer partnerships. Simply reaching into your own neighborhood to share the love of Jesus is a great way to build relationships in your community. 

We are working at inspiring our LIFEgroups to become missional minded. To find ways to build friendships with our neighbors. To love them for who they are, with no alterier motives. 

DISCOVER the Kingdom  

                We want everyone to discover the Kingdom                    (Luke 4:18-19)

DEVELOP in Christ

Lead everyone into a life-transforming relationship with God.     (2 Cor. 5:17-21)


DEPLOY Missionaries

Since we have a new identity in Christ, he has created each of us for a purpose in life.  Not only that, but he has given each of us spiritual gifts. Thus we encourage our members to explore these gifts and see which one(s) God has given them to use for His glory.  Then consider how these time, talents and treasures can be used in the church.  As the body of Christ we encourage everyone to be sent out by God and His Church to be missionaries in our communities and the world.